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I Choose ... SUCCESS

What is SUCCESS? Is it having a high-paying job? Is it having a loving family? Is it living in a fancy apartment? Is it making a whole day without having a mental breakdown? (YES, I know that last one can be hard.)

What if SUCCESS was all of that and yet none of it at all? Is SUCCESS only for the elite? Or are they the ones that miss the mark the most?

Here’s a better question. When in YOUR life have you felt SUCCESSFUL? And by whose definition were you defining it? For me, the moments I felt the most SUCCESSFUL often coincided with feeling entirely empty.

Some of my SUCCESSES have been great! Graduating high school, keeping a 4.0 GPA in college (so far,) getting married, and getting my first book contract! But other times, my SUCCESSES were clouded by the world’s judgement, such as when I landed my “DREAM” jobs multiple times only to lose them shortly after. These varying circumstances have left me in seasons of life where I felt inadequate and unproductive. But whose standards was I trying to live up to?

God has a way of reminding us that SUCCESS is a word that the world has corrupted. In human’s eyes, we often have to achieve almost unattainable things to be deemed SUCCESSFUL. But God offers us SUCCESS every day.

If we quiet our striving and our urges to BE better, we have a better chance of becoming the BEST versions of ourselves that God designed us to be. His SUCCESS is what we should be broadcasting through our lives.

Worldly SUCCESS may meet worldly “NEEDS,” but it will NEVER fulfill us the way God’s SUCCESS can. Stop going after what you think the world wants of you and start chasing after the God that created you.

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