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These past few weeks have tried my PATIENCE (hence my last post,) my JOY, and my PASSION. But moving forward looks different every time. I often find myself battling to conform into what OTHERS think I should be. That can include, how I take care of my body, how I relax, and how I do my job.

GRANTED, I am a work-from-home author, but you’d be surprised how many ways one can feel like they are failing at something there isn’t even a rulebook for. I find myself trying to meet invisible standards while staying in the bounds of what is EXPECTED or considered NORMAL.

I have NEVER been normal. Looking at my past, my present, and now to my future, I have always been one to color OUTSIDE THE LINES. And you know what? That’s OKAY!

PASSION is what drives us, and if you lose touch with what you love and enjoy, you will find that the “necessary” actions are even more tedious and trying.

Looking at the next chapter of my life, I am finding that I will need to tap into originality and creativity. So what if I don’t do things the same way as another author? So what if I choose to plan out my day based on my creativity level? So what if I decide to be unapologetically me.

Trying to stay INSIDE the lines that the world has set for me will never create the masterpiece of a life I can see in my head. God has designed me to be uniquely ME and to follow a path that no other will ever perfectly duplicate. So, why then have I been so anxious, trying to meet my self-imposed deadlines and others’ standards?

My PASSION is my responsibility. No one can steal it from me. Only I have that power. I can cultivate joy and happiness in my life, or I can cultivate misery and frustration. Both paths take the same amount of energy. I would rather be tired at the end of my day because I was doing what I loved and focusing on my MASTERPIECE, rather than be exhausted from accomplishing nothing I TRULY care about.

So, here’s my dare to you:

Dare to be shamelessly YOU! Dare to color OUTSIDE THE LINES. Dare to make your life the creative MASTERPIECE you imagine it to be.

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